Dearest Lioness,

I am in love with this picture as much as I am in love with the man who took it. I feel like a paint made by Botticcelli, oddly enough he says that for him I am his very own Botticcelli woman. I wish we could spend all of our days like this, but for now, knowing we both want the same, is more than enough.

This is so insanely sexy and romantic at the same time. Hold on to any guy that likens you to art. Thank you so much for sharing this erotic moment with us. I hope you are able to have many more soon. 


Oh Lioness.

In celebration of your birthday “week”, I give you…jazz hands. Or, I give you “I’m actually peeling my underwear off in a attempt to be seductive." Either way, it’s your birthday present. 
Happy Birthday, now blow out those candles babe. You deserve all the sweetness in the world. 



( also thank you to T of @cubicletocollar for the brilliant edit again.)

MPA!! You look amazing. I mean AMAZING. Look at that silhouette. It could be a ‘jazz hands i have to pee really bad’ stance and i’d still love it. Thank you so much for this photo and your warm wishes. We’ll catch up soon - promise. 


Lovely Miss L, 

First off, Happy Birthday, love! May your next year be full of love and passion and beautiful experiences. You deserve every good thing that comes your way.

This photo set was inspired by the word “waiting.” I often make impulsive decisions when it comes to sex that end up hurting me after. Lately, I’ve been tying to wait and focus on surrounding myself with good people that don’t have a selfish attitude especially when it comes to sex. I might have even found myself a good man :D 

So this photo is dedication to taking a breath before making impulsive decisions and of course, to the most beautiful lioness on the entire planet earth.

love and hugz —- Willow

Willow i definitely count you among the blessings of Coffee Club. Your soul shines so bright - and we’ve all been rooting for you, from day one. I hope you have found someone amazing, and i hope he’s worth you - and worth the wait. Honestly though, it would be hard, you look awfully tempting against that brick. Xoxo


Hello Lioness! 

I have been following you for quite some time, but from a distance because sadly I was not of age for the beauty that is your blog. But hooray! My birthday was on the 25th of this month and I have turned 18! I must say that I adore your followers and the wonderful tone you set for this page. I was trying to keep my first submission simple yet still revealing some of the skin that I have gracefully grown into the past 18 years. I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful day! xoxo 


Oh my goodness. This is breathtaking. Thank you for waiting to share yourself with us. Happy belated birthday beautiful woman. This is a brilliant first submission - elegant and simple. I hope you continue to find grace as you grow into the exact person you want to be. 


Happy Almost-Birthday, Lioness!

I know I’ve been MIA a bit lately, but I wanted to make sure I submitted for your birthday week. This photo was taken expressly with you in mind. I know you love hands (and coffee), and I wanted to play around with some B&W photography. 

You are such a lovely human being, and I hope that your birthday is as amazing and giving as you are. 

As always, thanks for being here.



You guys flatter me. I feel a little guilty as i truly did not mean for CC to become all about me and my birthday. But to any degree, thank you. You’re right, i do have a thing for hands and yours might have been one of the first i noticed on CC. I hope you’re well, and continue to be well - you know you’re welcome here anytime you want to come around. With affection. 


Sweet Lioness… We so enjoy you. We love your blog. Seattle was rainy and breezy today. We ignored the world outside and decided we needed to let go, Brooke stripped down and I lifted her upon our 1964 phonograph with the windows open and I fucked my perfect goddess. I adore her. I worship her. Look at her. She’s divine.

To my new friends, your both so wonderful and talented and i’m glad to share this space with you. Brooke is magnificent as i’m sure you are too, in your own light. You made your own sort of music on that phonograph, i would have liked to see you two dance i think. 


Dear Lioness, 
There have been more times in my life than I can remember that I’ve felt lost in the crevices of my own body — I couldn’t claw out of deep valleys, find my way over rolling hills and valleys harboring hidden patches of thorns that horrified me beyond expression. I felt trapped beneath my own terrain, lost and smothered and broken beneath sickeningly heavy skin. I’m trying to think of my body as a journey now, a soft vessel of impossible circumstances careening through space and time, blooming in love and supple in the hands of the universe. My body is an expression of who I am; there has never been a moment in my life that I have been separate from her, or her from me. I’m trying to understand that there is an incredible marriage in this, that life exists one moment at a time, and in each second she and I are more than one. And I love her. I’m trying to love her unconditionally, because we both deserve it. 
Much love,
Tattoo reads: ‘’As if you were on fire from within, the moon lives in the lining of your skin.”
Your words are gorgeous, the tattoo included. We often consider our daily routine being at war with our bodies - how much easier it would be if we realized we are all on the same team here. Even our bodies. Finding things on ourselves that we dislike can often lead to finding ways to improve upon them, creating a likeness in and of itself. A pretty awesome circle if you think about it. We grow and change and sometimes we simply need to be repotted - put in a new place, given new air and water to grow. 



we’ve missed you! we’re certain you’ve made the most of your birthday week in fine lioness fashion. we’re sending another birthday wish with this submission. while it’s not a brand new image, it’s not as playful as some of our others, and it’s obviously not the both of us, this was a particularly intimate moment for us. the soft lighting and her relaxed pose makes this one of my all-time favorite photos of my lovely wife. we never knew whether to submit it somewhere, post it on our blog, or just save it for ourselves until today. your words earlier this week about CC feeling like a bit of a chore lately concerned us. we hope today you’re able to relish in this positive community you’ve created and ignore all the naysayers, as hard as it is. no need at all to comment on our submission, we just hope you enjoy it. happy birthday!

The photo is gift enough, but your words are perfect. Thank you. My voicing some concerns earlier this week has really made running Coffee Club much easier for me. I realize i’m one person and i’ll get to what i can get to. When it feels like too much, i walk away. I’m honored you’d choose CC and consequently, me, to share this with. Your wife is absolutely gorgeous - you two take wonderful photos together but i have a feeling we’d all marvel at how well you treat each other and that is what matters. With admiration. Xoxo


Dearest Lioness:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for offering a space like Coffee Club in which we can come and share our likes, our fears, our troubles, our victories and basically find out a little more about ourselves through everyone else. These past few weeks I’ve been absent from the internet, there are a lot of things going on in my life right now and it’s been hard to deal with them. I am very grateful to have a place like Coffee Club, a happy place for me to go to when things get hard to deal with.

Happy Birthday!

I’m beyond excited to see this in my inbox. I know you’ve been away so thank you so much for this. Please keep your head up and your heart open, you’ll work your way through this difficult spot. Coffee club has been an absolute blessing, even to me. I’ve learned so much about myself and each one of you. I feel like the lucky one getting the chance to open up and talk to each of you every Wednesday. We’re here when you need us. 


True story: my birthday is actually Friday. 

True story: that heart necklace is made from a recycled coke can. If you know anything about me, you know that i really hope it was specifically made from a recycled DIET COKE can. 

True story: That ring is a fake (obviously) but i love it. I feel like it makes  my otherwise pudgy hands look a little more elegant.

I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to pretend. I love cupcakes. I love pink. I love sprinkles. And well…i love you guys and the opportunity you’ve given me to curate coffee club. So here i am, indulging in things i love. I’m willing to share.