Anonymous: What are the diferences between what do you do and porn? Is there anything related? Do you have any prejudice about porn?



Short answer - “The difference between art and porn is the lighting”

Long answer - That would depend on your definition of porn. I’ve been told I do porn before, I’ve also been called a prostitute on several occasions.
But the only person allowed to take pictures of me having sex is the one I’m seeing. And they’re not going up on the internet. But that’s a personal choice. I know plenty of couples that post their own intimate photos online, and they’re some of the most beautiful photos on tumblr.
And no, I have no prejudice against porn or much of anything for that matter
people are allowed to do whatever the fuck they want with their own bodies. And what they choose to do with them does not make them less valid people. The sex workers I know are beautiful, and kind, and wonderful. They are open and fun and have hilarious stories. And all I consider their job is just that, a job.

I like porn, anyone who claims to not like porn is fucking liar. So why hate on it? Everyone’s got their thing, and they’re just trying to make sure everyone gets off so we can all be happy and the world can be a better place.

I’ve mentioned this before and I feel it’s the aim behind it. Porn is aimed to be sexual and arouse therefore it is often a lot more full on with genitalia and actual sexual acts. Art is when the aim is simply aesthetics. The creator just wants to create an aesthetically pleasing piece of work, which may include nudity.

I personally think it’s usually quite obvious to see if an image is meant to be porn or not. And I don’t understand how some people find it hard to understand the difference between nudity and porn. X

I agree completely with nakedcuddles here; art is pretty much anything created with the purpose of being art. Even a straight-on, hardcore porn video can still be art, if that’s the purpose behind it. Then again, what YOU perceive as art may be something completely different, as art is always subjective. Isn’t that the beauty of it? And regardless of wether it’s porn or art, it can still be beautiful and appreciated. It should NEVER be held against the creator (the only exception I can think of is if anybody has been harmed in any way during the process, because that is always reason to question the creator).