dearest UT,

there are three big windows leading to our balcony.

I’m a person who’s always cold, which means I hang around in front of the windows every now and then, just to get a little bit warmer.

there’s no such thing as to warm up in a stream of light..

so here I am, hooking up with the daylight.


I don’t think you could ever not wow me with your pictures. I am always impressed and giddy when I see your images in my inbox. The light is perfect, I love the contrast between your pale skin and the black leather of the couch. Both poses are wonderful and you look incredible. Also your lips and jaw and nose are wonderful and deserve kisses. 


Hi Tuesday!
I wasn’t going to submit this week (too much going on to take the time to snap pictures), but when I saw the theme I decided to submit this picture. I wasn’t stretching, but I sure twisted my body. Also, this is one of the few times I was wearing a bra (lace is lovely).

This is the first time I’m submitting to you, so I really hope you like my contribution! Thank you for a fabulous blog.

I am so glad you found a picture to send in! It is so beautiful, the colors are awesome and the contrast is amazing. I love your pose, you look incredible. I really hope you submit again in the future! <3

:3 Tuesday thinks I look good :3